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Express Logic adds kernel awareness of the ThreadX RTOS in ARM DS-5 tools to provide greater transparency into thread and task management—a sure way to further reduce development and debug time.

At ARM TechCon, Express Logic presents a paper on the value of RTOS source code for your projects and what differentiates good code from bad. Catch the class on Tues., Oct.29, 2013 at 10:30 am.

Express Logic offers ThreadX with Downloadable Application Modules for ARM Cortex-M3/-M4 systems, adding remote-update capabilities without the cost or footprint of additional memory.

Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS provides fast real-time control to the XMC microcontrollers of Infineon Technologies — from the XMC1000 to the advanced XMC4000 family targeting industrial applications.

Express Logic celebrates 1.5B ThreadX deployments primarily in the wireless SoCs used in day-to-day devices like tablets, smartphones, printers. NetX, a high-speed TCP/IP stack often deployed with ThreadX, ensures near-wire speed and connectivity.

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