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Greenvity Communications and Brain & Iris Technologies (BITPL) of Pune, India, today announced that the two companies will jointly develop Internet of Things products, including smart meters, lighting nodes, and wireless and powerline communications (PLC) modules. First prototypes of smart lighting nodes are expected to be ready by Q3 2014.

Greenvity introduces scalable Internet-of-Things system solutions that include Hybrii HomePlug Green PHY™ powerline communication and ZigBee wireless SoCs, modules, software and mobile apps for smart lighting and home automation. OEMs/ODMs will have the flexibility to customize and scale the modules and the baseline software to fit specific applications, and they’ll have everything they need for rapid prototype and even pre-production design—significantly reducing time-to-market and cost of development.

Greenvity® Communications is expanding its Hybrii family of connectivity solutions with a new HomePlug® Green PHY™ powerline communication chip. The GV7013 Hybrii-Mini chip provides standards-based connectivity for cost-sensitive consumer and industrial applications and specifically addresses intelligent and controlled LED lighting.

Greenvity and Mitsumi are developing systems using Hybrii SoCs with HomePlug Green PHY PLC and ZigBee to provide intelligent connectivity for energy management and electric vehicle applications.

Greenvity® Communications introduces the world’s first hybrid system-on-chip (SoC) family that integrates powerline communication (PLC) and wireless capabilities on a single chip.

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