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The inaugural IoT Developers Conference will be held in conjunction with Multicore DevCon, May 7-8, 2014 in Santa Clara, CA. The combined event will include two days of technical training and demos.

Renesas Electronics joins the Multicore Association as an executive board member to drive emerging multicore and manycore standards.

The Multicore Association’s new working group, Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-Many Core (SHIM), will provide a common interface to abstract the hardware properties important to multicore tools.

The Multicore Association has announced the availability of its Multicore Task Management Application Program Interface (MTAPI) that supports the coordination of tasks on embedded parallel systems.

The Multicore Association announces the Multicore Programming Practices guide, which is a detailed set of best practices for writing multicore-ready embedded software. The guide, which is collectively written by a wide range of industry experts, outlines how to migrate applications to multicore platforms and shares industry-proven techniques that help reduce development costs.

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The Multicore Association provides a neutral forum for vendors who are interested in, working with, and/or proliferating multicore-related products, including processors, infrastructure, devices, software, and applications.

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