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Real Time Logic adds the latest encryption and security updates to SharkSSL, the smallest, fastest SSL targeting microcontrollers. SharkSSL secures interconnected IoT devices from attack.

Using Lua scripts, Mako Server offers fast, efficient development of web applications, ranging from database-driven business applications to customized apps managing microcontroller-based devices.

Real Time Logic optimizes SharkSSL with assembler-level TLS to deliver high-speed, low footprint security for ASIC and GCM processors. SharkSSL: ideal for secure, low-cost, high-volume M2M devices.

Real Time Logic and Green Hills Software partner to bring web application tools to the security- and safety-critical, resource-constrained devices common in industrial control, military and medical markets.

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Real Time Logic Real Time Logic delivers fast, enterprise-level security and web functionality that meets today’s demand for secure, remote management and control.

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