SysFera-DS Version 5.0 for HPC and Cloud Management Directly Visualizes Results, Shortening Simulation Time

  • SysFera to demonstrate new software at SC14

  • Ability to preview results from web interface and customized application web pages lets researchers confirm simulation results immediately

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LYON, France – Nov. 12, 2014 – SysFera has introduced a new version of its high performance computing (HPC) and Cloud management software, SysFera-DS version 5.0, featuring immediate visualization of simulation results without downloading and opening results within applications—to gain a significant boost in productivity. As well, for the first time, HPC administrators can create custom web pages for applications improving their ability to tailor the interface to their clients’ research and analysis needs. These new capabilities, along with significant enhancements to the web interface, promote user-friendly features and tighter applications’ integration, so engineers and researchers can run jobs more quickly and preview results faster.

On display next week in SysFera’s booth #3726 at the SC Conference in New Orleans, LA, SysFera-DS v5.0 boosts HPC and Cloud management with its new, better integration with simulation applications. Users gain faster access and more visibility to their output data. Results are previewed from the web browser, eliminating file search and download time regardless of the type of image their simulation creates for output. Defined conversion scripts enable preview of non-classical image files. In a space where researchers must analyze hundreds of files to achieve correct results, all of these time savings featured in the new SysFera-DS HPC and Cloud management software combine to significantly reduce the number of failed analyses and simulation resources demand.

SysFera-DS v5.0 boosts productivity for administrators and application packagers as well with new capabilities that precisely define the interactions of the end-users with particular applications, create submission wizards, and add dependencies between parameters. By combining these features, a webpage can be specifically tailored for each application, reducing overhead and support. Now administrators can create a webpage outside SysFera-DS, upload it, and deliver much more complex and specific forms for HPC users. Errors in parameter choice and values are kept to a minimum, thus lowering the risk of wasting resources and boosting application productivity for clients and administrators. Users are even more guided through their interaction with the remote software, and administrators ultimately reduce the time needed for support.

“To continue our leadership in management of HPC software, we focused on delivering shorter time to achieve results and increased productivity for both researchers and administrators,” said Benjamin Depardon, VP of Business Development of SysFera. “Today’s market is more competitive than ever, and companies need to reduce the overhead associated with setting up and managing simulations and data analysis. With SysFera-DS v5.0, engineers and researchers can preview and analyze complex simulation results quickly, so they can spend more time on their core expertise and reduce time to market.”

In addition, SysFera-DS v5.0 includes a brand new, more responsive interface that adapts smoothly to different screen sizes and formats. Now, frequently used functions such as non-interactive jobs submission, remote visualization, and data management are much faster and more user friendly. SysFera has also added the ability to tag images within project descriptions and change pages to present several projects simultaneously.

SysFera and ROMEO present at Exhibitor Forum
SysFera and ROMEO (French Computing Center) will make a joint presentation during the Exhibitor Forum on Thursday, Nov. 20 from 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm in Room 291. The companies will describe how SysFera-DS simplifies the whole process of running ROMEO’s latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) use case leveraging the power of the 2048 cores and 260 NVIDIA TESLA K20X of ROMEO’s Supercomputer.

In addition, France’s leading HPC companies will be hosting for the third consecutive year the “French Tour” on the exhibit floor. Attendees can visit the company booths to learn more about HPC business in France and enter a prize drawing.

About SysFera-DS
SysFera-DS software simplifies and speeds the time needed to run both non-interactive and interactive graphical HPC applications on traditional servers, clusters, or cloud environments — all via a simple web browser. SysFera-DS delivers native GPU support for visualization on HPC computing resources and cloud platforms. As well, SysFera-DS works with almost any type of OS, batch scheduler, and type of application, making it very easy for end-users to concentrate on their core-business without a specialized desktop installation.

About SysFera

SysFera develops innovative software solutions that enable computer centers in government, industry, and academia to make their high performance computing (HPC) environments or Cloud platforms more accessible to non-technical users, and to manage their computing resources more efficiently. Focusing primarily on ease-of-use for end users, project managers and IT administrators, SysFera’s software products simplify the access, management, and submission of complex simulations on traditional, hybrid or cloud infrastructures. For more information, visit

Image Caption: SysFera-DS v5.0 features new image handling capabilities with ability to preview simulation results from the web browser, eliminating downloading and opening results within applications.


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