Express Logic

Express Logic, Inc.

Express Logic, Inc., is the developer of the ThreadX® real-time operating system (RTOS), the NetX™ TCP/IP networking stack, and the FileX™ MS/DOS compatible file systems for embedded applications. With over 100 million units deployed, Express Logic’s royalty-free, full source code, and professional support have won deployments in many high-volume embedded products.

Hughes Activities:

Express Logic needed help with conference preparation and tracking editorial opportunities. Hughes Communications has filled these gaps, finding many editorial opportunities in European and U.S. horizontal publications, market verticals as well as French- and German-printed journals.

“HCI has enabled us to get the Express Logic name in front of editors and analysts through interviews, teleconferences and contributed articles. Janice listens to client goals, helps us refine them, finds editorial opportunities that help us meet those goals, and continues follow up to ensure we get the coverage. The results have been the most positive, consistent coverage we’ve ever achieved.”

~ John Carbone, VP of Marketing